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This unit is specifically designed for safety and ease of use. It uses a hand pump which requires NO lifting.  It helps to insure maximum safety. The thick(0.10) aluminum double walled construction make the Simplicity Series Shortening Shuttle® very durable for years of use when properly cared for.  It measures 39"tall x 22.4" wide fitting under 11".  It holds 95 lbs. or 12.5 gallons and takes 3 minutes of steady cranking to empty the tank.

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The Simplicity Series The Shortening Shuttle® Waste Oil Carrier/ Pump (SS-914-W) uses an economical and durable hand pump and includes the SS-WAND-100 which makes is easy to clean out the fryer of debris and easy to pump waste oil into any grease dumpster or barrel. Should the pump or hose wear out, they are easily replaced  See our replacement parts section.


SS-645 'MIN' Shortening Shuttle®

This 'Mini' was designed for use in TIGHT spaces. Foot print: 37x13x18.Specifically designed for use with Counter Top Fryers, now the issues of changing out fryer oil from these units is a breeze.  Pump OUT of the fryer and INTO the dumpster.  Safe, Fast, Easy.Made of the SAME aluminum as all our Shortening Shuttles® and backed by 30+ in food service, this Hard WORKING 'MINI' holds 5.5 gallons: enough for your entire line! 

Concerned about water in the pump?  Order the SS-645-GR with STAINLESS STEEL pump.  Same GREAT footprint and materials. 

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