SS-709 WITH Stair Plate: Only 4 Available

The Shortening Shuttle® Waste Oil Carrier

  • $ 539.00

4 Available:  This is an SS-709 WITH a stair plate welded to the back for added protection for uses going up and down stairs.  The SS-709 measures 49" long by 15.9" wide at wheel base, by 8.5" 'high".  It weighs 28 lbs. empty and holds 70 lbs/9.2 gallons. We consider this our 'low profile' unit.  It slips under 'lower' fryer drain outlet spout.  It reaches NOTE: 40.5"  The 'mouth' fits onto the dumpster opening, hence the 'shorter' 40.5" measurement.  We are selling these at a discount as there were an 'over run'.  These are FIRST QUALITY Shortening Shuttles® which have the stair plate already added.  This is a good opportunity to pick up a Shortening Shuttle® Waste Oil Carrier with stair plate at reduced cost.